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Online Dating: Advice For The Newbie

 by Jason King

Gone are the days where you need to go out at the weekend to find a possible love match. Why look for someone in one bar or club when you can put yourself in front of thousands of eligible singles online.

This advice will help you if you're new to online dating or about to start your search for a partner. The more you learn about online dating the more you will enjoy it. And the earlier you start enjoying yourself you will start getting results a lot quicker.

The first thing you must be to have a successful online dating experience is honest. If you're going to try and trick people or tell white lies you will get found out, and then you'll be back at the start. Be honest from the start, and expect the same back. It's easy to test someone's honesty with a few questions relating to the information they have put in their profile.

Singles that don't have enough information in their profile are ones to avoid. Chances are they are probably hiding something. You need to look for singles that are honest and open about themselves. How can they expect anyone to get a feel for who they are if half of their profile is blank. There are many singles that will just put up a short profile hoping they will get contacted by someone. If you're looking for a long term relationship that means something you have to find someone who wants the same.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. You want to find out about someone who is going to be your future spouse. You don't need to bombard them continually with questions just ask the necessary ones. Their plans for the future, and children. This is the information you will need before you commit yourself.

If someone starts contacting you more often than you think is normal this will probably be a sign of possessive behaviour. If they're like that before you have even met them, what are they going to be like afterwards? Chances are your dating will become a chore instead of something enjoyable. There will be thousands of singles to choose from so you won't need to get stuck with someone of this personality.

Take your time when getting to know another single. You don't need to rush. This will make you look desperate as well to your online date. Take things slowly, if you don't you could end up jumping into something too soon, and then regret it. When you take your time you will have a better understanding of the right time to meet them offline.

When you do eventually meet them for the first time do so in a busy but quiet place. A coffee shop is a good first date. You know you will stay sober, and there will be enough people around you. See how this goes before meeting them for dinner where you will probably have a couple of glasses of wine. But don't get too drunk as anything could happen then, and spoil what could have been a good thing.

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