I think I feel love... 

Ah, loving is a voyage with water and with stars, with drowning air and brusque storms of flour: loving is a battle of lightning bolts, and two bodies, overcome by one honey. [Read More]




4 Fun Dating Ideas for Boys and Girls

Tired of going to the same place over and over again for your dates? Not to mention dishing out hundreds and hundreds of dollars to eat out at an expensive restaurant; only to have your date, say to your face that she never wants to see you again?

For those individuals whose answer is yes, do not get discouraged, because your dating lives is about to change. [Read More]

The Ins and Outs of Speed Dating

In the past, there were very few options with regard to how individuals could meet people and date. There were the usual set-ups and random encounters that would result in a date, however, these days dating has been taken to a whole new level. Dating services, Internet dating and the relatively new speed dating phenomenon have come into existence. Speed dating is one dating method in particular that has captured the eyes and ears of the dating public. In order to determine whether speed dating is a viable option for an individual, it is important to learn a little bit more about this dating avenue. [Read More]

Online Dating: Advice For The Newbie

Gone are the days where you need to go out at the weekend to find a possible love match. Why look for someone in one bar or club when you can put yourself in front of thousands of eligible singles online.

This advice will help you if you're new to online dating or about to start your search for a partner. The more you learn about online dating the more you will enjoy it. And the earlier you start enjoying yourself you will start getting results a lot quicker. [Read More]

What to look for in a internet dating site

With so many options, how do I know which is the best Internet dating site?

Online dating has grown and grown to become one of the most popular activities on the Internet and because of this there are an increasing number of sites related to the subject. Whatever your preference there's a very good chance that there's more than one Internet dating site that caters for your needs. Pet lovers have several sites where they can meet like-minded individuals who also love to share their house and their lives with animals. A good Internet dating site for you might not be a good Internet dating site for somebody else, so the answer to this question is entirely individual. [Read More]

Ways to make Great relationships even better

All relationships, no matter how great, have areas that could be improved upon. Whether little or big changes are necessary, it's crucial that you take a long hard look at your own relationship and decide what needs to be fixed. If you take the time to do this, you and your partner will benefit because all of your needs and wants from the relationship will be met. [Read More]

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