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Ways to make Great relationships even better

 by Ian Lewis

Ways to make Great relationships even better.

All relationships, no matter how great, have areas that could be improved upon. Whether little or big changes are necessary, it's crucial that you take a long hard look at your own relationship and decide what needs to be fixed. If you take the time to do this, you and your partner will benefit because all of your needs and wants from the relationship will be met.

Listen UpHave you ever been telling a story to someone only to realize half-way through that they weren't listening? It doesn't feel good, does it? Listening to your partner is vital if you want to have a relationship that will last. So, the next time your lover begins to tell you something, even if it's a silly story about a co-worker, listen and maybe even comment a bit. You'll be surprised at how positively this could affect your relationship and maybe, next time you're telling a story, your partner will listen to you. Funny how that works...

Re-kindle the FlameNo, I don't mean with an ex, I'm talking about with your current partner. Maybe you feel your relationship doesn't need improvement in this area, but I'm betting it does. You probably buy your lover roses now and then and take him or her out for a fancy dinner, but chances are, your partner is craving more than that. Think back to when you first met your partner, Remember how you did anything and everything to please him or her? Well, why should things be different now? Start leaving little love notes all over the house for your partner to find or hide a little gift under their pillow. Make a gourmet dinner, buy a romantic c.d. and dine by candlelight. Tell your lover just how beautiful or handsome you find them and tell them all the specific things you love about them, i.e. the way they cry at sad movies or how sexy they look while shaving in the morning. Compliments and romantic gestures go a long way and will make your significant other feel special, loved and secure. So, re-kindle the flame with your partner today and see what else may heat up as a result!

If you knew that your partner was going to die in three months, would you waste your time yelling at them for not putting away the dishes or for forgetting to take out the trash? Of course you wouldn't. So, it's time to let silly arguments like this slide and treat your lover the way you would if you knew your time together was extremely limited. Couples often fight about little things and when you stop and think about it, it's completely unnecessary. Instead of mulling over something your lover did or didn't do, try just letting it go and appreciating them for who they are. We often forget, but life truly is short, so enjoy it together.

Have you ever heard the saying, "the couple that laughs together, stays together?" Maybe not, but it definitely is true. Laughter can make any situation better and it's good for you too! No matter the problem, try laughing about it instead of getting angry. Laughter can diffuse any situation and shed some light on it, making you realize that it's just not worth getting worked up about. So, you missed your movie, dinner sucked and your lover spilled his frappaccino on your favorite slacks... What do you do? Get in a huff and ruin the night, or laugh about it and have a story that the two of you will remember forever? Laughing will teach you how to deal with dilemmas that arise and forge your bond as a couple. Try it out for yourself and see how your partner reacts. You may just find that it makes your great relationship even greater. And what could be better than that?

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